Hi I'm Rob and welcome to my hole in the wall
This site is basically is a way for me to offer my thoughts on everyday life and events regardless of the topic.
Be Warned tho some of the topics may be offencive to some people. Personally I don't care who I offend or how I offended them.
My thought is if you don't like what you read you can either go cry and suck on mama's tit like a little baby, or simply leave the page.
I will not lose sleep over it thats for sure. I'm not going to give up my right to speak my mind because some crybabies got offended at something I said.

Current Song:
Sorry havent had a chance to keep up with the site. Dont lose faith yet just have to bare with me just yet, Sometimes the real life gets in the way for me to get in to do some work done on the site, but i'll get there soon I say i'm about 60% complete on the site (unless someone wants to donate time for me to finish..lol)